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Below is a comprehensive list of Energy Drinks available on the market along with their caffeine content.

Energy Drinks

Energy DrinkCaffeine Per mg/flozFluid OuncesTotal Caffeine (mg)
Rage Inferno15.624375
Spike Shotgun21.916350
Wired X344 Energy Drink21.516344
All City NRG18.816300
NOS Energy Drink16.216260
NOS Energy Drink16.216260
Redline Princess31.28250
Rockstar Zero Carb1516240
Blade Energy Drink1616240
Power Trip Energy Drink13.116210
Adrenalyn Stack11.118200
Liquid Lightning12.516200
Atomic Dogg Energy Drink12.516200
Brawndo Energy Drink12.516200
Bump Energy Drink18.810.5197
Crunk Energy Drink12.116194
No Fear Motherload11.416182
Bull Tonik208160
24:7 Energy10.016160
Amp Traction1016160
Battery Juiced Energy Drink9.615144
Amp Energy Drink8.916143
Bing Energy Drink1012120
Full Throttle Energy Drink916144
Hydrive X9.116145
Java Monster10.715160
Killer Buzz128.3100
Kronik Energy Drink9.416150
Monster Absolutely Zero8.416135
Venom Death Adder1016160
Monster Assault1016160
Monster Nitrous13.312160
Trader Joe's Energy Drink9.416150
Nerd Energy Drink1012120
Recon Coffee Energy Cola1212144
Vitamin Energy9.416150
Whoop Ass Energy Drink6.216100
Wired X Berry Rush6.216100
XL Energy Drink9.68.380
180 Energy Drink11.08.290
28 Energy Drink9.58.4680
Amazon Energy Drink6.71280
Liquid Ice Energy Drink9.68.380
Red Bull9.58.4680
SoBe Energy Citrus42080
Dark Dog Energy Drink9.58.4580
Hype Energy Drink9.58.480
Hi Ball Energy Drink7.51075
Rush! Energy68.350
1in3 Trinity6.08.450
Arizona Arnold Palmer Half and Half 1.623.538
Game Juice2.216.938

Energy Shots

Energy ShotCaffeine Per mg/flozFluid OuncesTotal Caffeine (mg)
Fixx Extreme Ultra Shot2352.90.17400
Fuel Cell902180
5 Hour Energy692138
6 Hour Power61.62.03125
Rip It Energy Shot502100
Headshot Mega Energy Shot20480
Red Bull Energy Shot39.42.0380

Soda / Pop

Soda / PopCaffeine Per mg/flozFluid OuncesTotal Caffeine (mg)
Mello Yello4.41253
Diet Coke3.81245
RC Cola3.81245
Faygo Cola3.51242
Diet Dr Pepper3.41241
Dr Pepper3.41241
Wild Cherry Pepsi3.21238
Wild Cherry Pepsi3.21238
Diet Pepsi31236
Coca-Cola Classic2.91235
Cherry Coke2.81234
Diet Cherry Coca-Cola2.81234
A&W Cream Soda2.41229
Diet A&W Cream Soda1.81222
Ginger Ale0120


Coffee DrinkCaffeine Per mg/flozFluid OuncesTotal Caffeine (mg)
Starbucks Grande Coffee20.616330
Einstein Bros Coffee12.916206
Rockstar Energy Shot802.5200
CHARGE! Super Shot1002200
Biggby Brewed Coffee12.516200
Tim Hortons Large Coffee1020200
Biggby Iced Coffee1216192
Starbucks Short Coffee22.58180
Caribou Coffee Latte1512180
Starbucks Grande Cappuccino9.416150
Coffee (Drip)18.18145
McDonald's Coffee (large)9.116145
Dunkin' Donuts Coffee8.916143
Starbucks Double Shot206.5130
Biggby Creamy Lattes6.216100
McDonald's Coffee (small)9.112109
Coffee (Brewed)13.48108
Biggby Espresso502100
Starbucks Bottled Frappucino9.59.590
Starbucks Tall Iced Espresso6.21275
Tim Hortons Small French Vanilla61060
Coffee (Instant)7.1857
Coffee (Decaf, Brewed)0.786


Tea DrinkCaffeine Per mg/flozFluid OuncesTotal Caffeine (mg)
Lipton Iced Tea2.52050
Tea (Brewed)5.9847
Tea (Iced)5.9847
Snapple Tea2.61642
SoBe Green Tea1.82035
Nestea Iced Tea2.11634
Tea (Instant)3.2826
Kombucha Tea3824
Tea (White)1.9815
Crystal Light Iced Tea1.4811
Crystal Light Iced Tea1.4811
Lipton Brisk lemon0.81210